Hi there.

My name is Nick. I’m a hospitality marketer and WordPress developer currently living in Charleston, South Carolina.

This site is dedicated to my current projects and topics surrounding web development and digital marketing. My WordPress projects are currently being used by 35,040+ websites.

Recent Articles

Periodic content dedicated to WordPress development, tutorials, project updates, and other useful resources. I am currently focused on the Block Editor, Full Site Editing and block-based themes.

  • How to efficiently manage content in WordPress – A solution for the Block Editor

    WordPress is by far the most popular content management system (CMS) on the planet, but that doesn’t mean it’s a flawless platform straight out of the box. My content management frustrations with WordPress stem from my experience managing websites for the hospitality industry. I have been in the hotel business my entire life, and have […]

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  • Displaying Custom Taxonomies in the WordPress Site Editor

    I am working on building a new site for one of my projects. On that site, I have a “Knowledge Base” section that utilizes a custom post type called article. Articles have a number of custom taxonomies, one of which is article-category. These “Article Categories” are different from normal post categories and I need a […]

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  • A primer on WordPress SlotFill technology

    What is SlotFill and how can you use it in your projects? Well, lets start at the beginning of my SlotFill exploration. A common business model in the WordPress ecosystem is to provide a free plugin (or theme), generally distributed on WordPress.org, and then offer premium functionality that users can purchase…

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Design & Development

Current Projects

I enjoy contributing to the WordPress ecosystem through the development of plugins. My latest project is highlighted below.

Featured Project

Block Visibility

Designed for the new WordPress Block Editor, this plugin allows you to dynamically control which blocks are visible on your website and who can see them. Block Visibility is compatible with all blocks.