Genesis Featured Page Advanced


Please Note: This plugin is only for Genesis Framework users. Genesis is a premium product by StudioPress. We have no affiliation with the company. We just love building useful tools for Genesis users.

That said, most Genesis users have probably stumbled upon the Genesis – Featured Page widget as a great way to add page teasers/links to your homepage, footer, sidebars, or really any widget area.

However, sometimes you need additional functionality that is not offered in the core widget, such as adding a custom image or custom content. This is what Genesis – Featured Page Advanced does.

Plugin Highlights

  • New: You can now add a Custom Page Title
  • Display widget title above or below image (Defaults above)
  • Display page title above or below image (Defaults below)
  • Adds option for widget to link to a custom link
  • Adds custom image upload field
  • Adds option to adjust the size of custom images
  • Adds custom content field, which accepts shortcodes
  • Adds option to display the page excerpt
  • Adds option to remove the page link from the page title
  • Adds option to add the page link to the widget title
  • Adds option to remove the page link from the featured or custom image
  • Adds option to insert the Learn More link on a new line
  • Set the target and rel attributes on all links
  • Fields show/hide based on user selection for cleaner UI
  • Works alongside the original Genesis – Featured Page widget and other third party widgets
  • Uses the same CSS classes as the original Genesis widget, so any styling you are currently using will be passed to this widget
  • Genesis 2.0 and HTML5 compatible

If you are looking for additional features, let me know in the plugin support forum.

Disclaimer: This plugin is essentially a forked version of the original Genesis – Featured Page widget. Props go to StudioPress for developing the widget, I just modified/enhanced it.


  1. You have a couple options:
    • *Go to Plugins->Add New and search for “Genesis Featured Page Advanced”. Once found, click “Install”.
    • *Download the folder from and zip the folder. Then upload via Plugins->Add New->Upload.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Please Note: This plugin is only for Genesis Framework users. Genesis is a premium product by StudioPress. If you do not have Genesis 2.0+ or WordPress 3.6+, the plugin will not activate.


Do you need additional help with Genesis Featured Page Advanced? Head on over to the plugin support forums on I monitor the forums constantly and it is likely that there are others with your same question. Keeping all questions and answers over there will help everyone. If you contact me directly through this website about Genesis Featured Page Advanced, I will just kindly direct you over to 😉.


1.9.7 – 2019/6/19

  • Fixed conflict with Genesis 3.0 which caused the widget not to register (Thanks katebrianna!)

1.9.6 – 2018/9/3

  • Added has-post-thumnail class to widgets featuring custom images/links to maintain aesthetic similarities with the original Genesis Featured Page widget on some StudioPress themes (Thanks msusans!)

1.9.5 – 2017/10/20

  • Fixed bug where the link title was displaying incorrectly when using a Custom Page Link (Thanks womed!)

1.9.4 – 2017/10/20

  • Fixed bug where widgets would disappear when switching between Genesis and non-Genesis themes (Thanks neilgee!)

1.9.3 – 2016/10/7

  • Fixed conflict with Page Builder by Site Origin (Thanks minnert!)


  • Fixed bug with page title (Thanks canaveralstudio!)


  • Improved a11y support
  • Added filter to page title headings


  • Added the option for a Custom Page Title
  • Added new plugin banner and logo
  • Improved translation capabilities – Special thanks to Hans for guidance


  • Fixed more-link bug when using page content


  • Added support for shortcodes in the custom content option


  • Added option to set the target and rel attributes on all links – per user request
  • Fixed issue were a custom linked widget would occasionally not display properly


  • Fixed image sizing bug when there is no image link


  • Added option to insert More Text on new line (wrapped in a div) – per user request
  • Added support for adjusting the size of custom images – per user request


  • Added internal support for centering images – per user request
  • Added support for alt tags on custom images
  • Added automatic deactivation of plugin if user switch to non-Genesis theme


  • Added ability to add HTML markup to custom content box – per user request


  • Add option to link to Custom Link rather than just a Page
  • Added option to move Widget Title below image
  • Added option to move Page Title above image
  • Fixed issue with widget Admin CSS not working in Customizer


  • Internationalized the plugin
  • Added security features
  • Cleaned up code


  • Updated Featured Image sizing options


  • Fixed user reported error


  • Fixed user reported error


  • Added option to remove page link from the image
  • Reworked the plugin deactivation hook
  • Cleaned up code


  • Fixed error generated by anonymous function


  • Added option to show page excerpt
  • Added option to remove link from Page Title
  • Added option to add link to Widget Title
  • Cleaned up code


  • Cleaned up code


  • Initial Release